Great to see us thinking about we want.

As mentioned before I like the is exchange as I like the anticipation of what I will get back in the post. The standard of prints coming back (from the first exchange anyway) made me rethink a little of what I need to be doing. It also forces me to meet the timing dead lines of the round.

Having a rolling schedule like the post card exchange (not necessarily the same timing) works for me.

I can't come at what Tony is suggesting as I have so few sheets of paper bigger than 8x10 and to participate I would have to go out and buy some. But would go with doing fewer prints if this would get the exchange rolling again.

I also go along with what Ian suggested in his three points.

I have tried contacting Tim through PM, I guess I could go knocking on his door to find out what the status is for exchange #2, but have not had any response in the last few days.

I did say I would kick off a new thread today if there was no objections, but as I have not head from Tim as yet I'll wait for his blessing. Any one from the Melbourne Camera Club got a means of contacting Tim?