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Not to take anything away from the Tamron, but have you used the Nikkor 105 2.5? I've never known of a lens that had nothing left to top.
Yes I have used the Nikkor and many others in this focal length range too, because it is my absolute favourite range. And all I can tell is, that nearly all lenses in the 85 to 105mm range are excellent.

Here is a link to a shot taken with a Minolta AF 1.4 85mm at f5.6 with my fullframe A900 24MP camera (Warning 11MB file!):


For sure you could not tell the picture apart from one taken with the Tamron 2.5 90mm or the Nikkor 2.5 105mm at f5.6. That is what I ment with my statement that "there is nothing left to improve". Nearly all lenses are that good in this range.

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