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My local CVS still has Tri-X for $5.99. It's the only store in the area that has it on the shelf, including the local photo lab, which refuses to carry it.

The nearest Wal-Mart is also the only one that has a minilab, but that must be a coincidence...
I think I'd have a hard time using a local photo lab that didn't at least stock Tri-X; that stuff, at least in 135, is a staple.

As for Wally... you should double check that mini lab.

A few weeks ago, they remodeled mine... gave the film counter a new alcove at the back of electronics, moved all their minilab equipment in there... set up fancy new pricing signs for their film services...

And then turned the minilab off.

They won't take anything; it's gotta be dropped off for Fuji (although most of the stuff I'm likely to give them would wind up at Dwayne's anyway.)