I just received what appears to be the last box of Ilfocolor Paper available from B&H. I ordered RA-4 developer, Tetenal Press Pak C41 Kits ... and - seeing the scant supply of Ilfocolor available, Fuji "Crystal Archive RA4" paper. The description of the Fuji papers was not very specific, so I choose CDII, (I think).

I placed the order Monday, around noon, a tad worried, after reading about the "B&H Warehouse fire", - to be shipped "cheap" three day ground. The first shipment arrived Tuesday, shortly after noon(!!!), and an additional shipment "from a different warehouse", today, Thursday, at 11:00 AM. Faster than usual service. My fire - related fear appear to be groundless.

Now... the Fuji paper ... Came in a cheap, Brown box, A foil package of paper, and ...*NO* data sheet of *any* kind, or any other literature. Nada!! Nothing except the label on the box. I visited the "Fujifilm" website ... The description of "Fuji Crystal Archive CDII" stated that it was expressly designed for "Digital Printing"... Nothing at all about film image printing. I searched for a "brochure" ... none available. Data sheet? ... None available. An e-mail address to inquire about what the heck was going on? ... also NONE! To reach Fuji Tech Support I'll either have to snail mail, FAX or telephone, none of which appeals to me.
Has anyone here tried to print with Fuji Crystal Archive papers?

I have *NO* idea of what is going to happen when I try to use this stuff. I'm fairly sure there will not be an explosion, so I'll look at my first exploration of this paper as an adventure. I'll keep everyone informed.

That "Fujifilm"(?!?!?) web site is so strongly digitally biased, that it makes my eyes water.