There is some discussion around the 5 grain barns both Ian Greant and I have photographed (Standard Gallery). People have found it interesting how two different photographers have interpreted the same structures in their own unique ways. And of course this is as it should be. If there are two people with very different photographic views it's Ian and I. But even with this we do a far amount of shooting together and spend lots of time drinking coffee and mulling over each others prints.

I value Ian's input for many reasons but his very unique view on things forces me to look at my work in a different light.

I thought it would be interesting to post a copy of my contact sheet relating to these 5 barns. In that way you could see how I "worked" the scene. If Ian did the same then you could compare our different approaches. Now maybe he only took one shot. That is conceivable as Ian spends a lot of time thinking and not so much time shooting. Where as I shot a lot and think as I go. As I shoot new ideas come up and I try those approaches as well. For me this works and certainly keeps the film manufacturers in business LOL. I work the same way with LF, MF and minicam (35mm).

I would also like to see how you "work" a subject. Whether they are Thomas's nude studies, Cheryl's kids, John's seaside shots or whatever you do.

Please post a scan of your contact sheet(s) taken at one shooting in the Technical Gallery. Along with the contact sheet please describe what you were going for and the thought processes behind how you developed the subject.

I have always been fasinated with looking at contact sheets from HCB, AA, Newton, Cunningham and the like. They tell such a story.

Please participate in this as I think the discussion could be very interesting and instructive for all of us.

I have a show opening tonight (Mar 3rd) so will post my contribution tomorrow morning.