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Bill, this is a great idea. I'm in.
Do you expect most people to camp or stay at the hotel?
It will be great to have you there, Rob. I was meaning to contact you. Feel free to bring any toys you can.

As for camping or hotel, I think it'll be about 50-50. Dan Henderson mentioned there were several booking into the State Park. I hope he doesn't mind me mentioning that he might be a good guy to ask about that. Perhaps a circle or row can be booked to that all are closer together. I think the State Park is the best bet for this year being that there won't be anything much going on at my place during the event and it is a little closer. I might even book a room this year!

It is really great to see such a positive response! Thanks to everyone. I've got a feeling it's going to be a fun year. I really missed everyone last year and am really looking forward to this.