Like others , I bought the series of prints that came with the video, patiently waiting to recieve these wonderful masterpieces that would be pinned to the darkroom wall for something to achieve to .
I got the river with white snow and the side of the barn. Quite frankly they were the crappyiest prints I have ever seen.
I brought them to New York (Jacobs Center) and went to Zone V1 booth and asked the representative to explain the poor quality.(he did not).
These two prints were a major let down as I had all the videos and newsletters and they did not match the message that was written.
The internet has opened up the community and I am thankful that Sean started this site.
If one is proposing bullshit on this forum, there are many here who will stop it in its track and for newbies the wealth of information to glean from this site is amazing and I wish it was around when I was starting out.