The answer is... well... yes. It will take a bit of figuring, though. Because 220 film does not have backing paper throughout the roll, you will have to cover the red film counter window on the back, and you will have to calculate how far to advance the film between exposures. You can do that by counting clicks on the film advance knob. Because the film roll gets thicker as you wind on to the takeup reel, each exposure requires slightly less advance for each successive frame. (otherwise, each frame will become progressively farther apart, and you will have space for something less than 24 shots on your 220 film.) Without taking into account the paper leader at the beginning of the roll, this might be similar to the counts for 35mm film. There is a table on Photon Detector that lists the clicks for 35mm film. Use that as a starting point, and when you're done, let us know how it works out for you.