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You are an angel straight from Heaven Mr.Moore, may your path in life be littered with rose petals and the air you breath perfumed with divine scents!

A Kershaw Penguin shall be my first patient. Last night I treated its general dirt and dust, polished the metallic parts to shine and today I will work on the bellows. I don't think I can find the liquid tape thingie you mention in this capitalistic god forsaken island but atleast I can paint the faded out leather with black shoe dye.

One last thing I forgot to add to the list:
- Painting the metallic parts. The ones that are dyed black. What kind of paint should I use?
Thanks for the compliment... I'm going out to notify the neighbors that they may start littering my yard & throwing smelly stuff on me any time now!

As for the body paint... Check out the MicroTools.com Europe site paint section. There is also the option of using black fingernail polish on the inside of the bellows to patch pinholes.

We'll want to see before & after expamples of your work!