Hi Barry,
The 2 images You mentioned in the other thread are developed in Adolux APH09 that is based on the recipes of the original Rodinal formulation from 1918.
For the film roll with the image "Hands" I shot it @ 10 ASA developer's dilution was 1:100 and develped for 15min @ 20 C / 68 F 2 agitate for a minute then 2 gentle/slow inversions every 2 minutes. The CMS 20 in fresh fixer needs about 1 minute. The lens was 20mm f/5,6 Russar MR-2 stopped 1 step from wide open at f/8 + yellow 1 or light orange filter..
For the film roll with those images "Rangefinder round the Church" I shot it @ 12 ASA, developer's dilution was 1:300 for 28min agitation for 1 minute then 2 slow inversions @ 26,25,24,23,22min then 2 slow inversions @ 20,18,16,14,12min then 2 slow inversions @ 8,4min. The lens was 1939 Elmar 50mm f/3.5 stopped at f/4,5 + light yellow filter.
I usually use distilled water for the chemicals and washing, Jobo plastic tank.