Well, of course, if you *want* the Holga "look" (in terms of light fall-off and field curvature, not necessarily the light leaks, film scratches, and so forth), you could save $10 to $15 by prowling thrift stores and finding a box camera or similar. Many of these had the "features" that give Holga images their cachet, and cost anywhere from $1 to $10. Almost all of them take either 120 or 620 film (620 is easily obtained by respooling 120 in a changing bag or darkroom -- and some will take a 120 spool with the flanges trimmed flush with the surface of the backing paper for supply, though even those usually need a 620 spool for takeup; you can also buy "resized" 120 that fits 620 cameras for around $5 to $6 a roll), with a few taking 127 (still available in one emulsion each of B&W, C-41, and E-6, also $5 to $6 per roll).

I've got a couple of these in 6x9; they have the soft corners and a trace of light fall-off, but they're actually too good to be Holga; if I masked them to 6x6, the images could pass for Lubitel (except there's no trace of light fall-off inside a 6x6 frame).