Dale, great idea to have a monthly get together, to talk over what we are doing and see what each person is producing. Peter has been telling me on the phone what beautiful prints he has been collecting, but seeing them was fantastic. Thanks Peter. Please let us see the next new arrivals.

Thinking ahead to future months, would more people be able to come if we gathered in the evening, or on a weekend?

Dolly says we are always welcome at the Powers’ house, though some times it will be cleaner than others. For me these gatherings are a sounding board. One person may have a question, others answers, possibly conflicting answers. It is a chance to receive and give feed back and encouragement on ideas, projects, current work and future plans. I love it. I am so glad we have found others who also do.

Has anyone heard from Dorothy? I sent her an email asking how she is and telling her about this lunch gathering. No response. Hope she is okay.