Hi all,

Firstly let me apologise profusely for being MIA for a while, I know there is no excuse but I had a rough couple of weeks in December and then went away with family over xmas and new years

I am fully back on board as of this week.

Now, the update on the exchange is that I'm still waiting on prints from andrewkirkby. I'm not sure if you haven't sent the prints or not but if you have / havent please contact me asap

Other than that, Group 1 is ready to go out, group 2 is just waiting on Andrew.

What's everyone's preference, if I cut out andrew and move someone from group 1 into group2 (I'm happy to volunteer to move groups).

Will wait until this evening and if no-one has replied either way, I'll move myself into group 2 and then send the prints out.

And again, so sorry I didn't intend the prints to be outstanding for this long.