I must have misplaced mooseontheloose's postcard, as I distinctly remember seeing it now, but it's not in my pile here. I must keep better track of my postcards as I get them...and maybe clean my desk once in a while.

Four more in my post box today!

Ruediger (rst) - Ah these exchanges could do with some more pinhole photos - I dig this. There's a really nice glow about everything, and the softness of the water is wonderful. A lot of stillness.

Mark Rewald - Nice and flat here too, Australia post must have been kind to it. I love the depth of detail in this, I thought it was medium format for a moment, but nope, just proper craftsmanship. A great range of tones perfectly printed, and a really brilliant subject.

Jeff Merlet - A great shot, with one thing missing - they haven't yet tried to bury the youngest in the sand. A nice warm family photo of young intrigue, the whisp in the lad's hair is a nice little touch.

Rob Skeoch - Thank you for the sneak peek at Ilford's tinkerings with the new emulsion, the paper is certainly unlike anything else I've seen. It reminded me of liquid light coated over a nice 300gsm paper, but obviously much cleaner than usual, and the texture reminds me of their old "velvet" finish I got to try a box of once upon a time. And the photograph itself, it reminds me a lot of the house I lived in out in the desert here as a young boy, but obviously with much more grass. Perfect composition and really nice mix of textures with the grass, timber and steel against a nice delicate sky.