Good to hear you're alive and well Tim.

As no one else is/has put their hand up and Tim has let me know he was going to ask if someone else could run with the running of the print exchanges I still have my hand up Will get onto this again in separate message

Andrew Kirkby - have you your prints already been left with the postman like you indicated they would be in your last message back on the 31st Dec?

So what do we do with the missing prints from Andrew? As he had initially mentioned he was looking at Ilfochromes and that he is also in my group I'd say Tim send of group ones' packages, and hold on for Andrew's to complete the second group of prints unless he advises us otherwise. I am happy to wait longer for the prints as it has been a long while now, so what is another week or a month

What we all need to do now come up with a common agenda for how we proceed for round three - yippee.