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Hi all,

... I had a rough couple of weeks in December and then went away with family over xmas and new years

What's everyone's preference, if I cut out andrew and move someone from group 1 into group2 (I'm happy to volunteer to move groups).


And again, so sorry I didn't intend the prints to be outstanding for this long.


Good to hear from you.

I trust you've recovered from your rough December and that the time with family was therapeutic (clearly you dont know my family...) Forget about December. It's gone. Look forward to the New Year!

As for the prints: my preference is that you hold group 2 and send group 1 - but only because I'm in group 1 . I understand if you decide to hold all until andrewkirkby's prints are to hand (sounds as though they must be close).

Clearly the delay is not of your making so no need to feel too bad about what has happened. It does, however, highlight the issue and whether/how we address it for future exchanges.


Carey Bird