Yashica CC was a bust. Camera is in impressively bad condition. There are at least $20 worth of good parts there though, so thats something.

Picked up a Yashica Lynx 14e for $30. It needs some work - missing the spring that keeps the rewind lever from flopping around, terrible battery leak, etc. After cleaning, the glass looks good and the shutter seems about right (perhaps a bit slow at 1 second). Corroded wires will need replacing, though I'm not sure if the meter works yet. Needs new seals obviously.

I'll probably put $30 into fixing it up and then sell it to a friend for $40-50. Yes, I know I'm doing this wrong. I picked up a Lynx 14 here back when I got started with rangefinders which I adore. I couldn't pass this one up.