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What are your preferred options for future rounds?
My preferred options are (and these are not the rules by any stretch of the imagination);
1. 4 rounds a year, but this might be a stretch for others so please let me know.
2. I have looked at a number of other exchanges and the common theme seems to be the sign up period of 1 month. I am not fussed if we fall in sync with other exchanges or we look at moving mid month to mid month. I am looking for guidance here.
3. We follow similar practices as the last two, in that we all mail into me, with a prepaid return mailer for me to distribute the group prints back out. This minimises cost for everyone. TimK how did we manage the inclusion of our brothers and sisters over the Tasman?
4. For me to run 4 prints or 10 makes no difference, but I have found the inclusion of stiffening boards and a plastic bag really pushed the limits of the prepaid envelopes when 10 prints are done. Some thing to consider.
5. All else the same. IE if the prints originated on film and then taken to a lab for printing, we get what we get as not everyone has the luxury of being able to process everything film format they use from film to print.
6. Stages I foresee are sign-up [4weeks], assign groups (number per tba) [less than a week], print and post and during this stage if something crops up that will prevent you from meeting your commitment you advise me, so alternatives arrangements can be made [timing tba here], return prints to participants and follow up on stragglers [max 1 month].
7. Once we decide in the number of rounds per year I would like to publish them. Planning make my life a little easier so that when the unknown bites I am able to better prioritise.

I have also thought about requesting that this forum be moved to member organised threads, because I don't know to ensure we don't miss the potential participants from New Zealand. I have kicked of a new forum over there linking to this one.

In so far for round #3 are;

1. Munz6869
2. Oxleyroad

Sign-up will be through to 6th February and before then we will agree on how many exchanges we want through the year.

Lastly, SteveR congratulations are in order.

Think that about covers it from me , so how about the rest of you...