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Please teach me - How in PS (CS) do I collate a contact sheet from my negs with neg numbers as you have done?
Well as described in more detail here and here, I use a French program called XnView, which only runs on PC (I use both PC and Mac, an unstructured "system" of cross-purposed scanners and printers). Once the negs are scanned, I use XnView to build the proofsheet. Once the proof is made (as appropriate), I also use XnView to do some bulk rotations on the images, if they are sideways. Then I close XnView and launch PS-CS.

I sometimes also use XnView for running slideshows from rolls I like to select all the pix, start the slideshow on "random," and let it go for a while, just to sort of let the pictures percolate (sort of a computer equivalent to pinning up prints on the wall all the time). This is on the PC -- on Mac, I drop pix into a folder and set the screensaver to randomly cycle them. Sort of the same idea.

XnView does a lot of other stuff, but really those are about the only operations I use. Everything else goes through Photoshop. XnView, like PS-CS, is also able to read Canon RAW files but that's a different thread, heh
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