If it is abandon houses in Brampton, look at Gorewood, opposite Finch, just north of Steeles. There are a couple of abandon houses just north of the 407. Some day Gorewood will be re-routed though these lots to link to the adjacent industrial subdivision road to the west. If venturing into the basements, take care that the ice is thick enough. There was a couple of feet of water in there this past summer. Take a wide angle lens to get great latex paint peeling from the ceilings. Watch out for power; there were still electric meters on the houses earlier this year.

For bridges:
Further up the same road there is a parking lot for the conservation area. A short walk past its gates there is an old bowstring concrete arch brdge over the Humber River that makes an interesting subject. These were the first type of concrete bridges built in Ontario about 100 years ago.

I am gradually documenting old bridges as I come across them. I have also found another bowstring one across Etobocke Creek at the end of Sherway Dr west of The West Mall in s/w Etobicoke.

There is another old abandon bridge on old 9th Line in Oakville south of Dundas Street. Take the North Service Road and turn onto the 9th line cul de sac, and walk northward on a trail from the south at its end.

Along Dundas Street at almost every watercourse crossing there are the remains of old bridge piers.

In Mississuaga, back to abandon houses there are a pair of old farm lot houses off of Ninth Line, immediately south of the gas compressor station south of Derry. Parking is limited on Ninth, and the driveway barricaded, so it will be a walk in up the laneway. There are remnants of the former renters/owners, but kids have kicked parts of the interiors pretty well apart. Take flash lights and on camera flash if taking images in the basement of the older structure. There were still preserve jars on the shelves, and washer, dryer, deep freezes, and a kids play room intact in the basement, with no flooding in May 2010.
It may be re-secured; the last time I was there the last boards on the first florr had been kicked off.

Ontario Abandon Places has a reasonable number of sited documented for additional ideas if that is your bent.

I'm busy with kids activities at present but am trying to finalize scheduling a model session in my home studio in February with a pair of young ladies from my wife's place of work who have some creative ideas. I hope this creatve photo project will get me though until the spring flowers are ready to peek though the snow.

I might even turn to advancing half finished home renovations if I get desperate enough!.

Good to still see you here Shelly-Ann. I have not seen much of you online here for a while.