Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. The open source spreadsheet gnumeric. Perhaps I mistakenly recalled that it was linux only. There is a Windows XP or later version, but not a Mac version.

Gnumeric loads and displays Ralph's posted .xls spreadsheet correctly, including the summary page and graphs. It's also not as poor as excel in areas like linear regression, random number generation, etc. Anyone who doubts the merits and responsiveness of volunteer developers of open source vs. big-money backed programs like excel and MS office should read this evaluation of excel vs. gnumeric:

The abstract for which is:
Title: Fixing Statistical Errors in Spreadsheet Software: The Cases of Gnumeric and Excel
Content: The open source spreadsheet package "Gnumeric" was such a good clone of Microsoft Excel that it even had errors in its statistical functions similar to those in Excel's statistical functions. When apprised of the errors in v1.0.4, the developers of Gnumeric indicated that they would try to fix the errors. Indeed, Gnumeric v1.1.2, has largely fixed its flaws, while Microsoft has not fixed its errors through many successive versions. Persons who desire to use a spreadsheet package to perform statistical analyses are advised to use Gnumeric rather than Excel.
Contact Information: B. D. McCullough, Department of Decision Science, LeBow College of Business, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA 19104