Nogen som kan bruge sådan en?

Nok ikke verdens mest kantskarpe optik - 3 elementer, men heller ikke helt ringe a.f.a.i.k

Hi Rob, I sold a Trinar lens last fall. Before selling it, I had done a testing procedure on this lens, compared with a Nikon el-Nikkor and a Schneider Componar, as well as my Rodenstock Rodagon. The Trinar had some slight degradation of the internal coating on one of the lens elements, and I wanted to make sure that it didn't make a difference in the buyer's prints. While there may have been slight differences in contrast and optimum printing time (+1 second), I didn't see a difference in sharpness in any of the lenses. This was very subjective (visual inspection) but my wife agreed that there was no difference. I think that this is suitable for 35 mm, at least for a beginner/intermediate printer.
Den koster portoen og ikke andet!