For the 8x10: 121mm f8 Super Angulon, 300mm f5.6 Fujinon-w, 740mm Achromat in Copal#3.
For the Mamiya RB67: 37mm Fisheye, 50mm f4.5, 127mm F3.8, 360mm f6.3.

The bias is always toward the wide-angle end because of the way the Australian landscape unfolds. It's broad, flat, ancient and even. You can drive 1000 kilometres and the place you arrive at looks just like the place you left. There are few stunning and eloquent forms like grand mountain peaks or canyons. What gems there are may be brilliant but widely spaced. By working in really close with a wide-angle lens I try to make the "good" bits look big. The rest is just necessary context.