Hi All!

Now that I'm getting some printing done I need to re-supply. I use Ilford MGIV cooltone and Ilford WB with Ilford's Multigrade developer. Nothing fancy. This stuff goes for $36/2.5L vs. Agfa's Neutol/Plus (one w.out hydroquinone)$6/L (x2.5=$15) which is a huge difference. Is there a big difference here? I've never experimented with paper developers so would appreciate some opinions. If Agfa's not good, what's another affordable regular, I guess cooltone? paper developer?

Also, I want to say "YeeHaw" to my first print using Ilford's WB paper!! With the right subject, this stuff is really nice. In the past, I've never been a big fan of creamy based papers. Too 'corny'? Anyway, now, maybe it's the age mellowing effect?, I think I'm going to enjoy the heck out of this paper. It's the glossy finish. Thinking of maybe trying the pearl finish? Anyway, I thought it was really cool last night seeing the 'almost' finished print lol

Anyway, suggestions appreciated. I added one more similar question on fixers as well. Thanks!