In so far for round #3 are;

1. Munz6869
2. Oxleyroad
3. Michael W
4. Seabird
5. Tomalophicon
6. Fleath

If I go by the few commentaries preceding this message I suggest we aim for 3 per year, with a timetable as below.

Round 3
Sign-up - January
Print and Send in - February and March
Mail out - First week of April, chasing and pursuing other options created by those 'laggards'. Mail out by end of April. Comment on our received work.

Round 4 would start May and end in August, then Round 5 would start in September and End in December.

I will post a mention of those whose prints I receive, we will all know what I have, and if you have sent prints and I don't post that I have them you'll sure be shouting out loud.

It is going to be easier for all of us if someone who has intended to participate and can no longer do so, advise the rest of the participants before any prints are made thus making regrouping a breeze.

The 'laggards' (and I use this name in jest) will be anyone who has committed to a round but for what ever reason their circumstances have changed so much so that they are unable to participate so late in the game. To combat these gaps in the groups I see these options which mean the least time management and organisation at my end;

1. Based on the last two rounds there was great generosity shown by other participants where additional prints were offered. So I could put call out for volunteers for additional sets of prints?
2. Groups could be reduced in size and the extra prints we have all supplied be returned?
3. The 'laggard' be held responsible for sending out their late print to all who miss out when I do the bulk send out of prints, & I hold onto the 'laggard's' group of prints until such time as the other group members have received the print?
4. Please advise me of your ideas if none of these options work.