I am having some problems with sharpness from my sl66. None of my shots (all 5 rolls) from the UK APUG meetup at the lake district were sharp. This is not noticable at contact sheet level, and isnt obvious when I scan the negs. But when they are printed at enlargement it is clear that they just arent pin sharp. It isnt a case of the focus being out, as there is not sharp point at all - it appears to be a uniform unsharpness.

Now - I have sent the camera away and the results are that it is mechanically fine so no problems diagnosed. The lens is clear and clean, and my filters are also ok. I always use mirror lock up when shooting and my manfrotto tripod is heavy and sturdy.

I am now wondering if this might be a chemical problem??? The negs were all FP4 dev'd in (homebrew) pyrocat hd. Has anyone had any problems with bad brews causing unsharpness with this combination?