Hi Leon,

Firstly, commiserations. You must be gutted, and I really do sympathise.

As far as the problem itself, I'm afraid I'm a wimp who just uses off-the-shelf devs (and liquid ones at that!), so I'm not much use. Given the conditions we had up there, wind vibration might still be a factor on some of the shots (I saw more than one Manfrotto take a nose-dive at the stone circle!) but it's unlikely to be on all of them.

Whilst this is probably obvious advice, why not try shooting a newly-bought roll of FP4+ at a test subject, cutting it up and processing half in pyro and half in Ilfosol S or Rodinal? It would let you know whether the problem is chemistry (including the possibility of a bad batch of film) or the camera.

(If both halves come back sharp then put it down to a transient problem, swear, kick the cat and move on!)

Just a thought.