Jeez guys, I'm not sure if you are going to want to hear this or not. It appears that under the Homeland Security Act and its brethren your government will be tracking online purchases of things like chemicals. So... you're cool as long as the tracker understands that you can't make a bomb with amidol. It seems probable that the trackers will be in a minimum-wage job, so don't feel too comfortable about their knowledge of photographic chemistry. I wouldn't be surprised if UPS, Fedex, etc eventually get instructions to notify the watchers about suspicious packages.

I'm not excessively paranoid (I think), but nonetheless I'm keeping my chemical purchases to vendors inside Canada - that way I shouldn't have to worry about someone knocking on my front door. If I do need something quick I drive down to Glazers in Seattle - they carry some of the Photographer's Formulary line - sufficient to my needs anyway. Canada Customs doesn't care that much as long as I pay duty.