I only use monorails and don't regret it. I have a Sinar F2 which I bought off ebay and is in perfect condition. Then i bought the P2 from ebay again in great condition. I have bought lots of accessories of ebay over the last fifteen years including a 8X10 conversion kit that appears to have been never used. I now notice the prices are going up. The beauty of Sinar is that it is all perfectly modular. I can used the widest lens to the longest lens in existence - I can shoot any format if I wish.

I post two shots. There is one thing that Sinar will not do. Even the F2 is not easily put in a backpack for great landscape locations (although others claim otherwise). So i bought another monorail camera the Toho - which is perfect for backpacking. All my lenses from 80mm to 450mm are in Toho lens boards. I had Grimes in the States make me a Toho to Sinar lens conversion board. Now I can shoot anything I like. It all sounds like I have spent a lot of money, but over the years not very much - it is all second hand (except the Toho).

I post two shots. Anzac Bridge was taken with a 47mm lens and it would be impossible to get this shot with anything but the widest lens. Lavender Bay was taken with a 80mm lens and Fuji velvia 50ASA film. It shows why Velvia was the iconic film for decades.