The discontinuance notice of the Elitechrome 200 (ED200) appeared recently on Kodak's Japanese website, and rumors started to circulate this week saying that the pro-version, E200 will be gone, too. So I e-mailed Kodak Japan to ask about these films status, and had a very sad reply today.


エリートクローム200フィルムは米国での生産終了に伴い、日本でも在庫限りで終了となるものでございます 。
また、プロ用のエクタクロームプロE200フィルムもエリートクロームと同様に在庫限りで終了 となります。


It says the Elitechrome 200 will be discontinued as its production in the US has ended. The case is the same with the pro-version, Ektachrome 200, too.

very sad......