Hi Folks

I would like to announce an upcoming event in Toronto this May. http://www.alternativeprocess.ca/
I think a lot of you would would be interested not only in the processes but also the speakers/instructors we have brought in. Solid members of our community for sure teaching what they love and do well.
This event is in May 2011 in conjunction with the Toronto Contact Photo Festival.http://scotiabankcontactphoto.com/
Contact Festival has been in existence for more than a decade and I have been involved with every one. Over 200 shows this year and the combination of our Alternative Symposium and the events of Contact is overwhelming reasons to visit Toronto in May and see how friendly Canadians really are.
Not to mention my wife and will participate in a Contact Festival show where we will show my solarizations and her gum over platinums at Arta Gallery during the first two weeks of May.
hope to see you in Toronto this spring