For sale is a Durst Neonon 80/5.6 enlarging lens. I acquired this several years ago when it came with a darkroom purchase (2 enlargers, several lenses, accessories, etc.). 99% of my enlarging is with 35mm, so I don't really need a medium format enlarging lens.

The lens is in excellent condition. There are no scratches or any other kind of mark on the lens body. The front and rear elements might have a few specks of dust on the elements themselves (not on the inside). No haze or fungus. No lensboard or plastic case.

This lens is interesting because the aperture ring "clicks" in two ways. First, it will click positively at each f/stop. Second, it will rotate freely, allowing use between apertures. This might be a common feature of some enlarging lenses, but it's not on my two 50mm lenses.

If you have specific questions or need different pictures, let me know.

KEH doesn't sell these, and there's only a couple on eBay. So I'm going to price mine at $45 (Paypal "gift") plus shipping ($5 in CONUS).

So let's say an even $50 shipped in CONUS via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.

Thanks everyone.