And I'm not surprised at all to hear that.

I suspect the new Kodak's aim is to end up with one B&W film, one color negative film, and one (maybe) transparency film. And that's it. At least for now.

No need for all of the previous beautiful palettes and flavors of a full line of Kodak film products. Just a single, basic "raw" capture medium for each type. Just like a digital sensor, really. Then everyone will be expected to take that raw negative or (maybe) positive capture medium and scan it and fix it up later in post-production using Photoshop.

Eventually they will do away with even this, recommending instead that users simply invoke the software emulation features built into their Easyshare cameras to simulate the various extinct film types.

Far fetched?

Well, they're already recommending precisely that to all of the ex-Kodachrome users here.