so, as RŁediger suggested, here's some more information...

The camera left Germany in mid December last year, and, finally, made it to my home in France... yesterday !!

David : this is your Oly trip, and it's a very nice camera !

It seems they routed it to the wrong place first (may be the German postcode created some confusion with a location near Paris), and then it has been routed to several post-offices until some clever person (at least cleverer than the other ones !) found that 'somebody' actually wrote the real address it needed to go to.

When I told the story to my wife*, her first reaction was that the address could no be written any more clearly than what RŁediger did !

I'm very happy the camera surfaced again, just felt disappointed as I spent a few days in Finland this week, and could have flown with the camera, so that the trip could have been even more chaotic !!

Anyway, I plan to shoot something in the next days, and will then find another destination for the nice camera !