Excellent advice from Mark Barendt. Ask the galleries; they know their buyers.

One thing to consider is that most galleries I know show photography matted and framed, but sell only the print. On the other hand, an 11x11 print is unusual, requiring the buyer to get a custom mat and frame, so maybe that argues for selling it framed.

Speaking as a customer, I personally think $300 is a reasonable price for a matted and framed print that large. But it's a lot of money for many people to spend on art. Also, it's a big print. For either cost or wall space, some might prefer a smaller piece. Have you considered having more than one range? It seems that would appeal to more types of buyers. For example, instead of selling only one large size at $300, you could sell a smaller size at $150, for example, and the large size at $350.

I wouldn't even consider Keith Carter as a comparison. I would look more to art fairs and to other photos being sold in galleries of this type.