If I develop iso 100 at 30 celsius degrees - 8 mins, blix 6 mins -- what would be the developing/blixing time for 160 iso?

thx, p.

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I developed my 11th C-41 roll in the same Tetenal Colortec C-41 (1 liter) chemicals. The chemicals were mixed back in March 2010 -- over 3 months ago. The colors turned out still fresh and bright. Tetenal recommends that the mixed chems are used for max. 6 weeks and then replaced. I've used same liquids for over twice as long.

How long have you been able to use same mixed Tetenal C-41 chemicals? How many films you've been able to develop with same liquids?

I could almost swear the colors have become better after every film.

Slight over-exposure is because of the exposure meter on my Mamiya M645. Kodak Portra 160VC in 120 format.