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I suspect the new Kodak's aim is to end up with one B&W film, one color negative film, and one (maybe) transparency film. And that's it. At least for now.
Somehow I doubt it. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Kodak got out of E6 all together eventually.

It's probably more due to the fact that they were slow sellers. E6 in general seems to have gotten hit the hardest by digital, and the faster ones are the first to go. From my observations, most shooters who shoot E6 films prefer to do so for the fine grain, sharpness, and colors. An extra stop or two of speed isn't probably worth it in shooter's minds if you have to compromise on any of those three characteristics.

And if you shoot slide and really need the speed, I'd probably pick Provia 400X. And I shoot almost all Kodak films...

E200 looks like a cool film (I have some but haven't shot it yet). But I would think films like Velvia and E100G have a much stronger foothold in the E6 community. It's a shame that the market can't support a film like this, but nowadays, it's probably a niche emulsion in a niche class of film (slide) in a niche kind of capture (film) in photography.