Are you pushing 100 ISO film to 160 ISO?

Tetenal says a 1 stop push is 1.25x the time while a 2 stop push is 1.5x the time so a 2/3 push would be??? 1.13x? So 9:00 I guess for the dev, the blix actually you should go longer than 6:00, it is 6:30 at 39C so I'd do the maximum 8:00 blix for 30C.

I just mixed my kit last weekend and I've done 5 120, 2 135-24 and 1 126-24 roll so far. I have 2 more 120 rolls to do tonight, maybe some more 135 if I can find some decent birds at lunch. So far so good, I think mine will be used up before any sort of time limit as the kit says 8 120 rolls or 12 135-24 or 16 126-24 so I think one more 120 roll will make it 100% of capacity though of course I will keep trying it after that to see what happens. The sheet says 25-50% more capacity is possible so I will see, I still have 3 120 and 3 135-24 rolls to shoot.