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Well, I have to agree on this. And why the hell they don't publish these things on their web page? Oh, and what is condition with Fuji now? Do they have much more products, or are they also following Kodak footsteps?
Nobody yet has confirmed it with the Kodak US.

It stinks when films get discontinued. However, there's still obviously some E200 in the retail pipeline. I suspect it's Kodak's procedure to not 'discontinue' a film until they reach an appropriately small amount of stock.

And if Kodak really wanted only one color negative film and one B&W film, why would they have 5 traditional B&W products and multiple new color negative products?

If you don't like Kodak, that's fine, but man do I get tired of all the griping about Kodak not wanting to be in the film market. I'd wager that Kodak would love nothing more for film to return to it's former glory. Wanting that to happen is different from reality though.