First I think we need to force people to watch slide shows, maybe they will see how bad photos on a computer look.

Thoughts on Kodak pairing down to one of each type of film.

If Kodak pairs down to just one type of each film that is not going to be a good thing for us at all because it will leave us with something like the following lineup from Kodak.

400TX for B&W ( could be wrong, but they are pushing this stuff hard)
Ultra Max 800 for Color Negative
Some sort of Motion picture film for Slides

It is a lousy lineup but here is my reasoning, 400TX is everywhere, they even sell the stuff at my local CVS. Ultra Max 800 is what they stuff into all those disposable cameras, and they sell a lot of those things. Motion picture film is what they make the most of in reversal film, or any film for that mater, I don't really think that using Movie film will kill me, but I can process E-6 at home, I'm unwilling to try to remove rimjet at home. Maybe if they can make E-6 then add rimjet to it for motion picture use we will be alright for a while. I would rather have the scraps form the motion picture industry than nothing at all.