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Motion picture film is what they make the most of in reversal film, or any film for that mater, I don't really think that using Movie film will kill me, but I can process E-6 at home, I'm unwilling to try to remove rimjet at home. Maybe if they can make E-6 then add rimjet to it for motion picture use we will be alright for a while. I would rather have the scraps form the motion picture industry than nothing at all.
Most color motion picture camera film is negative film. They're down to one reversal stock (E100D) and that's a niche product that I would guess may not be around much longer (used to be available in 400 ft and 1000 ft rolls, now only in 400 ft). Probably the only reason it's even around is because they switched to using E-6 for it instead of a special movie film process. And one reason they can do that is because there is NO Remjet backing on it. So you should be able to process it just like any other E6 film at home....as long as they still sell it.