It depends on the machine and how it is kept in your individual store. However, I doubt there are many people left in any drugstore chain who really know anything about photo processing. By now it has to be the blind leading the blind. They probably provide their lab techs with no formal training whatsoever on how to handle negatives. I watched a clerk grab my film in the middle without even considering that fingerprints might be an issue. My prints also came back all covered with crap, and my negs scratched all to hell. I am sure that means that the chemistry is ill maintained as well. I say do it when you are in a rush doing crummy snapshots, but never for anything you actually care deeply about and/or want to blow up yourself or at a pro lab. The scans are pretty crummy too. I'd rather spend the same $12 for developing and scanning that I gave to CVS at a pro lab, even if it meant just having proof prints and no scans. Pro lab fees are a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things. They are well worth it IMHO.