About a year ago, I was poking around through my film stock in the freezer and found an old roll of Kodachrome 25 (K-14) that I exposed in 1986. It wasn't even in a canister, just a plastic bag. I remember it had sat around a drawer for a long time, and then spent a lot of time in the fridge before being thrown in the freezer.

I tried it in Diafine for 4 /4 min with slight agitation every min. and was amazed at the beautiful negatives I got. The even yellow stain didn't seem to affect scanning (I added extra acetic acid to the fix to help reduce it, though I don't know if that helped).

I did have trouble removing every last bit of the Remjet backing, which I did by laying the flm flat in a large sink and gently wiping the back with a sponge under running water.

The scans from this 23+ year-old film had amazing tonality, maybe a little hard to see here on this particular subject. The grain was very sharp, which worked well with the architectural subject matter.

Dan Murano