For cheap, can you beat Dektol? Here (in Australia), a pkt that makes up 3.8l (about a US gallon?) costs $7-8 AUD ($4.50-$5 USD). I personally prefer liquids and use Agfa Neutol NE (Neutral) and Neutol WA (Warm) but they are over $20/1.25l bottle ($13 USD). Hmmm, I don't think I like doing these calculations... I didn't realise it was that much dearer, although you have to take the dilutions into account... better do that 1st before I have a heart attack! The Neutol dilutes 1:7 so 1.25l ends up 10l of working strength developer which makes it $2 AUD/litre. Dektol, I'd dilute 1:1, so end up with 7.6l of working developer, which is roughly $1/litre, so Dektol is effectively 1/2 the price of my preferred Neutol. Hmmm... I don't use that much of it - just doing some self justification here