I bought the book, Beyond Monochrome 2ed, and can certainly say that my photography has improved substantially in all phases.
Now I'm ready for film testing. The one thing that I have not quite figured out is how to expose my film using the step wedge.
It would seem that it would have to be back lit, and as the text points out the light source should be the same temp. as the light that I typically
shoot in. No problem there. I shoot medium format, 6x7, so I'm thinking that a 4x5 size should be large enough, but perhaps an 8x10 would be better. So now the question. Is this as simple as taping the step wedge to a window, metering the middle steps for zone V and firing away ?
Would a light table be better with the proper temperature light source ? Do I need to be concerned about light around the edges of the step tablet
or do I need to mask out all light from around the edges of the step tablet ?

Any advice would be appreciated. The process is quite an investment in time. I'd hate to spend a day shooting and developing film and find out at the end that my technique in exposing the step tablet was flawed.