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Hi Sean,

The "Delete comment" option in the Galleries is also still not functioning. Again a good reason to check all other old reported bugs:

Link to description of that bug in other bug thread:

To be honest, I am slightly baffled that such obvious bugs haven't been fixed by all these upgrades up to now... What is fixed in that list of 600 bugs, if these things aren't part of it? OK, I know you have some extra modules running not part of vBulletins core, but the Gallery was also upgraded...

I am beginning to feel vBulletin's focus on bug fixes is primarily on the "back end" for forum administrators, and not so much the user interface, which is just as important. Maybe its partly because forum users will not report issues to vBulletin directly, while forum admins will.

Sean, maybe it is time to report issues - if they haven't anything to do with your own customizations - to the vBulletin bugtracker system. For those issues where I posted screenshots, simply save and add the screenshots to such report. Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll see them fixed with the next upgrade.

It's been a bit tricky lately as my freelance coder has been unavailable for a while. I can't afford anyone else and have worked with the guy for years so prefer to use him. He's a real whiz, knows our system and is highly trust worthy. As I waited for his availability vBulletin rolled out 4 more point releases and about 4 patches. I was concerned we were drifting too far behind on the core and wanted to get us up to date again before proceeding with 'regular' bugs. I managed to snag the coder for this weekend so we could patch the system up. This unfortunately left our user reported bugs in limbo while we worked on the core software. His availability is starting to improve so we should start some serious bug scrubbing soon. vBulletin 4.x was lacking so they have been working like mad to correct it. Things are starting to settle and the 4.x system is getting better with each update, vastly superior to the original 4.x launch. Still there is a lot left to work on.