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Hi Sean -

In the Gallery the box with the picture information is displayed all the way at the bottom of the comments -- rather than directly underneath the picture itself as it has been previously. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but having to go to the end of the comments perhaps on another page seems not where the info should be located?
I don't see this. It is displayed directly below the picture to the right of the comments at my computer, as it was before. What are the screen settings of your computer? And can you make a screen shot of it:

- Open Word
- Go back to APUG and Gallery page where you see the issue
- Hit "Print Screen" (Prt Scr) button on your keyboard
- Go back to Word and hit Ctrl+V or choose "Paste" in the Edit menu.
- Save the Word document and attach it in a post here in this thread.