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At the middle of February, I will be going to Shanghai and I will be staying for quite some time. You see, I will be attending at the Jiao Tong university's language and culture program and next semester going for a master's degree.
I have not given up photography, although I have slowed down lately, so I will be bringing my Rolleiflex and a couple Holgas.

So, you know what I am asking you

1) If anyone wants to meet, or maybe pointers to local photographers and other artists
2) Photographic stores that still carry analog materials and could develop a C-41 film
3) Any other kinds of advice, photographic project ideas, living tips, that sort of thing

Hey Ari, I am in Shanghai at least once a month and normallr for one or two weeks. Next trip is in week of 21st Feb....would love to meet. let me know if you are up for it. Send me a PM.

For the photographic store, try the photographic centre on Luban Lu (don't have address on hand)..it's a treasure trove of analog equipment too...too bad the Renmimbi is so strong right now.

For living trips...well I lived there 4 years, and the place changes quickly, buut for sure you will find everyting you need there. For photographic tips, well it's an easy place to photograph and like all rapidly changing metropolis's there are endless subjects.

Rgds, K