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It depends what machine and who is using it. Fuji frontiers can scan at an optical 5000dpi with an output of 300dpi at the smallest. A Noritsu can scan in at at least 4000 optical dpi with an output of 72-96 dpi. Ironically, I find that the 72dpi is more versatile and more printable at larger sizes than the 300. I think it is that the actual size is larger at 72 vs the 300, therefore at "equal" dpi, the 72 prints better.
Well, that's puzzling. I can't recall how old or what the situation was that I had a Walgreens Photo CD and found those small images. If the local Walgreens Noritsu can scan at that level, I've wasted a lot of time scanning my film A couple of times when I ordered "develop only," and they tried to sell me scanning, I told them why I didn't order it. They were in agreement.

Guess I'll check it out again. Or, maybe the CVS across the street, I don't recall their machine.