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Harry, so you have just mixed the complete 1L kit and then poured out what you need for the developing tank, processed then back into same bottle? Any change in development time as you go along?

The 1L powder kit cannot be mixed in parts. You can just use 500mL or 250mL at a time instead of pouring it back but it doesn't really extend the life of it. I had a bunch to do so yes, I just poured back what I used each time.

I've started adding 30s or so to the time so 4:00 dev and 7:00 blix. The blix is oxidizing so I'm not sure how much longer it will last but I'm already past the advertised capacity. I would still like to get another 3-6 rolls out of it if I can. I have another 3 rolls of Portra 160NC 120 and 3 of Superia 800 135-24.